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In February 2019, UKOG(234)Ltd presented to Dunsfold their plan for drilling for minerals within 1.5km of the village.

The planning decision for this application lies with Surrey County Council. Waverley Borough Council is a statutory consultee, as is Dunsfold Parish Council.

There is not much time so please take your opportunity to have your say.

The consultation with Waverley and Surrey are still accepting comments. The hearing is due around mid April 2020, but Surrey CC will likely take on comments until only a few days before that.

You can access and register your comments on Surrey County Council’s site here: SCC Ref 2019/0072

If you would like to keep up with progress on the application, or understand more about the matters that you might think about before either objecting or supporting the objections, please see the Facebook page Waverley Against Drilling.

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