Jeremy Hunt MP condemns decision to allow drilling

SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt has been written to Secretary of State Michael Gove about the decision to overturn Surrey County Council’s refusal of plans to drill for oil and gas at Dunsfold.

Jeremy has stated on his website: “The government’s decision to allow drilling and fossil fuel exploration in Dunsfold is wrong and a bitter disappointment both for me and for local residents. It will have damaging repercussions for the environment, local businesses and the Dunsfold community as well as being against the long term objectives of climate change policy. Surrey County Council has already rejected the application so to ignore the strength of feeling about this and press ahead regardless shows complete contempt for local democracy. I have written to @michael.gove.surreyheath urging him to reverse this flawed decision and will speak to him about it at the earliest opportunity. I will also consider whether we can take this decision to the High Court although this is very difficult to do successfully.”

Jeremy Hunt had previously attended a protest at the Dunsfold site in January. Standing alongside Waverley Borough Councillors, local residents and a number of local campaign groups Jeremy said:

“It is absolutely extraordinary after COP26 in Glasgow that we are even thinking about drilling for oil and gas in this area. And you can see, by the huge number of people here representing all the local political parties, that we are completely united in our opposition. We are opposed on both local environmental grounds because of the impact the huge lorries and HGVs will have – and you’re about to see a human carbon neutral demonstration of what that might be. But we are also against it because we know that just under a third of all emissions are caused by generating electricity for human use through non-sustainable purposes. And that is why we have to get off the habit of using oil and gas for our everyday electricity and this is taking us in exactly the wrong direction.”

Jan 9th