Where could they drill in Waverley?

Here is link to a map overview of the licences to exploit oil and gas in Waverley and part of Sussex. This will show licences granted to UKOG and iGas to explore and extract hydro carbons in PEDL234 and PEDL 235 licence areas that stretches from Witley in Surrey to Pulborough in Sussex. UKOG have earmarked High Loxley near Dunsfold, and have planning permission to drill . IGas have earmarked a field just South-West of Loxhill near Hascombe. Companies with PEDLs have licence rights to drill anywhere they can find a well site within the green box of the licensed area and once underground they can also drill horizontally, but the drilling cannot extend beyond the green box.

You will see that there had been exploration 40 years ago at Godley Bridge, the pink dot to the north west of Chiddingfold, where Conoco found gas but it was contaminated with toxic hydrogen sulphide so not commercially viable. It is believed that IGas have bought this site. In 1986, to the South of Dunsfold Aerodrome in Alfold, Conoco drilled and again did not find anything commercially viable. The only geophysical data that UKOG have access to is from this 1986 exploration, so it is now 35 years old. It is only 2D seismic data and does not benefit from the considerable additional detail provided by modern 3d seismic data so it’s the equivalent of shooting into the dark when you should be using night vision googles to improve your aim.

PEDL234 and PEDL 235 which cover large areas of Waverley Borough