Where could they drill in Waverley?

Here is link to a map overview of the licences to exploit oil and gas in Waverley and part of Sussex. This will show licences granted to UKOG and iGas to explore and extract hydro carbons in PEDL234 and PEDL 235 licence areas that stretches from Witley in Surrey to Pulborough in Sussex. UKOG have earmarked High Loxley near Dunsfold, and have planning permission to drill . IGas have earmarked a field just South-West of Loxhill near Hascombe. Companies with PEDLs have licence rights to drill anywhere they can find a well site within the green box of the licensed area and once underground they can also drill horizontally, but the drilling cannot extend beyond the green box.

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Will UKOG clean up its mess at Dunsfold?

Broadford Bridge Site

Will UKOG clean up its mess at Dunsfold?

UKOG 234 Limited (the applicant at Dunsfold) is a subsidiary of a very small oil and gas company, UK Oil and Gas. If UKOG 234 are ever granted permission to drill, will they actually have the hundreds of thousands of pounds which will be required to cover the costs of removing the security fencing, vehicle access and concrete well pad and restoring the site to arable farmland? If they go bust who will clean up after them?

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This video was made by campaign group Protect Dunsfold. The factual film demonstrates clearly the traffic issues and also comments on the Applicant’s  previous traffic proposal which has now been ditched and replaced by a scheme which is different but just as dangerous and unsatisfactory.

OGA have no powers over clean up

It is just as Waverley Against Drilling (amongst others) has been saying for the last year to Surrey County Council – the Oil and Gas Authority says it does not have responsibility for securing planning restoration of oil and gas sites when they are decommissioned. The OGA says that IS the responsibility of the “Minerals Planning Authority” i.e. Surrey County Council in the case of Dunsfold.


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