Local Community Risks

Members of the local community have some legitimate concerns about this application which have not been addressed adequately in the planning documentation. For instance

  • toxic emissions from the site include a real risk of hydrogen sulphide release which has not been assessed by the Applicant or by Surrey County Council. This is highly toxic and is present in this hydrocarbon formation and shown by the final decommissioning report issued at the end of the Godley Bridge exploration
  • air quality – Waverley’s Environmental Health officer has expressed concern about the impact of operations on air quality
  • risk of seismic activity – while the industry and the Government continue to deny that the increased seismic activity around Gatwick has anything to do with UKOG operations there, it is one hell of a coincidence and other experts in the field believe there is a connection between UKOG’s activities and the cluster of earthquakes near the Horse Hill site
  • water pollution – the Applicant’s own expert says its proposals are inadequate to contain the run off in during an extreme weather event
  • and once again we want to emphasise the increased hazards from large vehicles on the local highways particularly around Pratts Corner

The community nearest to the site is the Traveller Community and little or no consideration appears to have been given to the impact on that community of the issues raised by this application.