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Here is suggested text for your objection. Note that objections are more potent if they are individually worded, so if you are inclined, please re-phrase the text to explain your reasons in your own words.
Your objection is longer than the 2000 character limit that Surrey County Council allows directly on their website.
However you can still object via email, and include this text and more. Alternatively, add your objection as an attachement (eg in Microsoft Word) on Surrey CC’s page.
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If you are emailing your objection, the address is: Quote SCC reference 2019/0072, and use the below text as the message.
Be sure to include your name and address in your email.


If you’d like to object but aren’t sure of how to go about it, we have provided a tool for doing just that.
You will be able to generate an objection letter from the issues about which you feel most strongly, and paste
its contents into Surrey county council’s own application page.

Please see the suggested reasons listed below. Please select (click) the issues about which you feel strongly, then click below to view a suggested objection text:

Impact on Ancient Woodland

The Applicant is only providing a buffer of 20 metres between the site and the boundary of the Ancient Woodland and it has so far failed to offer any explanation as to “how a smaller buffer would suffice”.

Air Quality

Waverley’s Environmental Officer has expressed concern about emissions and their impact on the air quality in the immediate vicinity of the site.

Light pollution – artificial lights and gas flaring

If planning permission is granted that will change completely as the Applicant proposes 24 hour working with artificial lighting and some flaring of gas.


No assessment has been made by the Applicant of the risks of release of Hydrogen Sulphide which is a highly dangerous and toxic substance and poses a serious risk to human health.


The noise from some of the 24 hour operations at the site will be particularly penetrating at night and cause a nuisance for local residents, particularly those in the nearby traveller community at Lydia Park.

Stress on water supply

The Applicant has not made it clear how much water its operations are going to require or where that is going to come from and whether it will be mains water or brought in by tankers.

Climate Change

Paragraph 209 (a) of the NPPF is no longer part of the “soundness test” when it comes to plan-making; and that as the Minerals Planning Authority they must listen to arguments about new science on the climate change impact of fracking.

Impact on views from Hascombe Hill – part of the Surrey Hills Area of Natural Beauty (AONB)

A rig of 37m height and tall security lights will be visible from Hascombe Hill in the Surrey Hills AONB.

Impact on Area of Great Landscape Value

The access route across the fields to the site for all the traffic and HGV tankers, with 4.75 m high security fencing, will be inappropriate for an Area of Great Landscape Value.

Impact on Bridleway

The overall aspects of this proposal to drill are totally unacceptable in such a peaceful part of the Weald. We should be preserving our natural landscape rather than despoiling it for the sake of fossil fuel extraction.


The proposed access runs through a recognised archaeological site.

Listed Buildings

The rig, which is 37m high, will introduce an industrial element and have a detrimental impact on the listed buildings in the immediate area, including High Loxley Farmhouse and its listed barns.


UKOG 234 is highly unlikely to have the required funds to restore the site to its original condition at the end of the temporary consent and if it doesn’t this cost will have to be borne by the public purse.


The community nearest to the site is the Traveller Community and little or no consideration appears to have been given to the impact on that community of the issues raised by this application.

Highway Safety

The additional slow moving HGV traffic turning into and out of High Loxley Road which this application will generate will have an unacceptable impact on highway safety on this stretch of Dunsfold Road and is therefore contrary to Paragraph 109 of the NPPF 2019.

HGV routes

The Applicant should be challenged about its traffic proposals and told to produce a more realistic traffic management plan.